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Each piece of jewellery for sale at The Makers is designed and made by hand in New Zealand.

It's a start to finish 'one piece at a time' process, that means each item is unique and precious.

We are proud to sell online five jewellery labels created by four up and coming New Zealand artists, and 18 more artists available exclusively instore.


Vaune Mason

A love of animals, landscapes and gardening influence this amazing artist. 

Vaune's jewellery is incredibly wearable; dress it up or down and your your life will be all the richer for it, whether it's her little hand carved pendants or utterly unique rings.


GG Jewellery

Gemma of GG Jewellery is the maker, shaker and creator of this meandering collection of jewellery.

Sentimentality and wearability are the keynotes of her design conception.  

Ingrained elements in these pieces include warm polished copper and bronze and rosy golds. 

variety metals & sizes.jpg

Natalie Salisbury

Contemporary jewellery designer and maker Natalie Salisbury Jewellery creates dramatic yet wearable unique pieces of work to adorn the body. Natalie combines materials such as lace into collections that explore pattern and texture, and focusses mainly on silver and gold-plate with the occassional beautiful stone delicately set, adding a burst of colour.

fern ring.jpg

The Wild

The Wild is a contemporary jewellery label created by Vaune Mason and Annie Collins. The current collection  'Aotearoa' is based on New Zealand animals, past and present.

Each piece is lovingly made by hand in Wellington, New Zealand and crafted in solid sterling silver or bronze.


Buster Collins

Buster Collins is the jewellery label/alter ego/best friend of creator Annie Collins.

Annie enjoys making pieces that are solid, strong and wearable. She draws inspiration from the animal kingdom and nature, as well as mythology and history, and tend to have rough oxidised textures and a scattering of stones.

Our inspiring Guest Artist pieces are currently only for sale in store. 

We plan to have their work online soon, however, so watch this space!


Adele Stewart

Adele Stewart's delight in flowers began with impressive tours of

her mothers garden for friends at age 3, and that childlike enthusiasm for flowers hasn’t faded for Adele.

She creates individually shaped and enamelled sterling silver flower jewellery.


Marita Green

Marita is a ceramicist with a creative history in clay sculpting. Recently she has switched to making functional-ware and porcelain jewellery.

The manual process of her work

is integral for creating authentic 'far removed from factory-made-in-China’ as possible and made without moulds or methods of mass production.


Banshee The Valkyrie

Hip hop street glam sums up these super cool pieces made by Rani Stigdottir. Sharp brass cut outs, heavy cast anatomical treasures and unique gemstones set her work apart. 


Nick Rule

From sweet sleeping foxes to gothic daggers, Nick spans styles and appeals to everyone. He highlights his solid silver works with glinting gems and golden touches.


Claire McSweeney

Claire has always had a strong connection with New Zealand’s natural environment. Her work focuses on an experimentation

of form using hand piercing, casting and fold forming techniques resulting in jewellery that references and celebrates

the beauty of specific native plants. 


Keri-Mei Zagrobelna

Bone, stone and metal combine in beautiful and unexpected ways in Keri-Mei's work.

Her geometric and organic aesthetic organic represent the connectedness to her immediate environment and upbringing.


Tom Richards

Tom Richards is an up and coming jeweller and artist learning

his craft in Wellington. His work

is largely influenced by the natural world and he creations feature many organic references.


Fran Carter

Unusual materials such as re purposed gelato spoons tell a story in Fran's amazing work. She doesn't shy away from the crazy, the cool, the out there. Quality craftsmanship and unique styling are her calling cards.


Zoe Porter

Zoe creates lustworthy pieces from silver, gold and precious gems. Her style is clean, strong and stylish. 


Emily Efford

Emily creates handmade bespoke jewellery in silver and bronze, as well as more unusual materials such as ebony.


1418 Jewellery

Inspired by architecture, earth cycles, botany, craftmanship, light and the women in her life.


Tamsin Monique

Working largely in silver, texture and fabrics are the primary focusses in Tamsin's work.


Rebecca Fargher

Rebecca works in silver, crafting beautiful and detailed figurative wearable objects, referencing materials that tell stories and that are inspired by nature.


Sophie Divett

Taking her inspirations from nature and antiquity, Sophie specialises in organic, refined pieces using ethically sourced metals and natural gems.


David McLeod

David McLeod is a sculptor and jeweller whose work explores narrative themes, using metal, stone, shell, and other carved and constructed elements.

His work is thoughtful, clever and beautiful and his designs and methodology are renowned within the industry.