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Matariki Whetū Bangle

This bangle is hand-crafted in a soft square profile from solid sterling silver.

There are four tiny hand-pierced stars around the rim of the bangle which is finished with a light oxidised patina.

Matariki is celebrated in Aotearoa New Zealand when the constellation Pleiades rises in midwinter. For some Māori this marks the start of the new year and the brightness of the stars was traditionally used as an indicator of the coming season’s crop. 
This collection by Buster Collins uses the seven brightest stars in the configuration for a uniquely New Zealand piece of jewellery. 

Bangle measures 2mm thick and 3mm wide and comes in 4 sizes.

This piece is made to order and will be ready in 12 working days. Customisation available on request.  Because all our jewellery is individually handmade no two pieces are identical.

The Matariki Bangle in sterling silver, hand crafted in NZ by Buster Collins.

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