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Handmade in New Zealand by Fran Carter these Watermelon Crush coloured earrings are shaped like a ginkgo leaf and are on silver hooks. repurposed plastic.
Fran Carter

Watermelon Crush Gingko Leaf Earrings

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These brightly coloured earrings from Fran Carter are made from repurposed plastic. They are light and mildly transparent but have very vibrant hues and a lovely vintage feel to the material.  They hang on hand-made sterling silver hooks.

The process Fran uses to make this colourful material is labour intensive and creates completely unique pieces every time. The plastic is made from used plastic gelato teaspoons that Fran collects from local outlets. She carefully cleans the spoons then puts them through a process that she has developed, where she can blend mixtures of colours and craft a new, wearable piece from the plastic sheet.  

These drops are 50mm long excluding the hooks.

This piece is in stock and ready to ship. Customisation available on request.  Because all our jewellery is individually handmade no two pieces are identical.

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