Unique jewellery handmade in New Zealand by Marita Green. White porcelain ring with a smooth shiny finish and thick platinum coloured foiled bauble set on top. The outer surface has a black line etched into the porcelain.
Marita Green

Bauble Ring with Platinum Lustre

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This porcelain ring by Marita Green has a slender black drawn line around the band, and a large bauble topper that is glazed in a Platinum tone lustre.

Marita's porcelain pieces are fired to very high temperatures, and the properties of porcelain make it light, but very strong. We have worn Marita's rings and find that they stand up to every day wear. However, as they are porcelain, avoid hard knocks or wearing during rigorous activities such as gardening or sport.

This ring is a size O

The band is 16mm at the widest point.

Customisation available on request.  Because all our jewellery is individually handmade no two pieces are identical.  Please allow 2 to 6 weeks for our jewellers to make your piece. 

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