Jewellery Care

Love your jewellery and it will love you back.

  • Prevention is key. Your jewellery is fragile and not indestructible. The Makers strongly recommend  you do not expose your jewellery to chemicals including perfume, cosmetics and household cleaning products.
  • Do not play sport in your jewellery, or expose it to heavy physical activity.
  • Be careful not to knock or hit your jewellery against solid objects as precious and plated metal can be soft and stones can break.
  • Follow the instructions of The Makers for specific care of your piece according to what your piece is made from and how it is designed.      

       Bronze, Brass, Copper & Silver
  • Bronze, brass and copper are especially prone to oxidisation when exposed to air. Rates of oxidisation can differ from wearer to wearer. Ask us for a complementary polishing cloth with purchases including copper or bronze.
  • Accept that oxidisation is sometimes a design feature in some pieces designed and made by us and is not a stable or permanent finish.
  • Silver can come purposefully oxidised (to look black) and can also become black in a similar way to copper and bronze if exposed to similar environmental pressures.
  • Do not sleep, shower or wash while wearing your jewellery.
  • Avoid getting your copper or bronze wet (especially in chlorinated pools and natural hot springs).
  • Follow the same guidelines listed for copper and bronze to help maintain the colour of your silver jewellery.

       Gold-plated pieces
  • Gold-plating can wear off over time and you may wish to consider this before making your purchase.
  • The Makers use the best plating techniques available according to their individual styles and production methods. These may differ from Maker to Maker and from piece to piece.
  • Usually each piece is plated with about 2-5 microns of 9, 14 or 18 carat gold plating solution using an electroplating technique.
  • Avoiding all chemicals including perfumes, cosmetics and household cleaning products helps to preserve and protect your plated jewellery for longer.
  • Prevention of exposure to environmental factors is key to prolonging the plating of your jewellery.
  • Do not sleep, shower or wash while wearing your plated jewellery.

        Stone-set jewellery
  • Some stones are porous (i.e pearls, turquoise, coral) and can change colour over time when exposed to skin, water and chemicals, including soap and cosmetics.
  • Some stones are very soft, brittle or fragile and can crack without warning after years of wear due to many factors including a sudden knock against a solid object or a previously undetected natural inclusion in the stone’s gemological make up, or even being exposed to extreme changes in temperature. This list of fragile stones is long and not limited too: cubic zirconia, opal, tourmaline, emerald, pyrite, moonstone, fossils and shell.