The Makers

The Makers grew out of Wellington (NZ) collaborative jewellery coworking space: Workspace Studios. Workspace has spent nearly 20 years as a hub for new, aspiring, and professional contemporary jewellers and metalsmiths. We have worked with, learned from, trained, and been inspired by so many jewellers in that time. But despite the amazing work they make in sterling silver, gold, bronze, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, pearls, wood and more It can be difficult to find a store or gallery that suits these unique and precious objet d'art. So, starting with a jewellery pop-up in 2015 we decided to make one. One which focuses entirely on local, artisan jewellery, that is exclusively handmade and designed in New Zealand. Jewellery that you can’t find elsewhere and could never be made anywhere else. We now support more than 23 artists through both the online and physical gallery. It is our mission to provide a way for these fabulous Makers to find wearers who will love these precious items as much as we do.

Vaune Mason and Annie Collins, Founders and Creative Directors

Vaune Mason The Makers Jewellery

Vaune and Annie are both qualified and practicing manufacturing jewellers. They founded Workspace Studios in 2005 to build a likeminded community and support aspiring jewellers. Alongside creating their own jewellery labels The Wild, Buster Collins, and Vaune Mason. Together they are a dream team of entrepreneurship and creativity. Both Annie and Vaune graduated in the same year from Whiterea Polytechnic with diplomas in jewellery design and manufacture.

Gemma Proebst, Gallery Manager

Gemma Proebst The Makers Jewellery

Gemma runs our physical gallery in Wellington and is the first point of contact for all things Makers. An organisational and logistical prodigy and warm and welcoming presence for both Makers and wearers of jewellery, they create their own stunning gender fluid clothing, accessories and leatherwork.