Tuna Bracelet in Bronze
The Wild

Tuna Bracelet in Bronze

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This bracelet is a best seller from The Wild.  A solid and yet very wearable piece, the Tuna bracelet is carved in the shape of the native Long Finned Eel which is an endangered species. The eel wraps around the wrist and is able to be customised to the wearer by creating more or less of at twist in the body, which makes the bracelet larger or smaller. We recommend letting us know what  size you'd prefer so that we can do the customising before we send it to you. The eel can withstand a bit of change once or twice.  Even though it is very solid it is not designed to be moved repeatedly as this will eventually stress the metal.

By The Wild

This Bracelet is approximately 75mm in diameter and the body of the eel ranges from 5-8mm tapered thickness.

Cast in solid bronze.

This bracelet can also be cast into other metals, please email us to enquire.

This piece is in stock and ready to ship. Customisation available on request.  Because all our jewellery is individually handmade no two pieces are identical. 

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