Welcome to the new The Makers Jewellery online store! We're really pleased with the new look and a renewed focus on the incredible handmade jewellery that our amazing range of New Zealand artisan jewellers have produced. 

Since 2015 it has been our mission at The Makers to create a space for these incredible jewellers to reach an audience of wearers who really appreciate the craftpersonship that goes into a handmade piece of contemporary New Zealand jewellery. So we have worked really hard to develop a new look and feel for the site that puts this incredible work on centre stage. 

Our aim is to build a thriving community of Makers and Wearers who all benefit from the ability to connect through the site. First by creating an outlet for jewellers to reach a new and wider audience thereby making practicing their craft sustainable. Second by providing access to this range of incredible jewellery to Wearers who value the careful selection of materials, the hard work and expertise that goes into the creation of these works, and the stunning design and styling that artisan craftspeople can create. 

By supporting Makers you're supporting New Zealanders to do their best work. Check out the new The Makers Jewellery Online Store now! 

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